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The National Land Policy

The objective of the National Land Policy is to promote and ensure secure land tenure system, to encourage the optimal use of land resources and to facilitate broad-based social and economic development without endangering the ecological balance of the environment.

The policy seeks to establish, support and guarantee a secure land tenure system, which will facilitate the sustainable use of resources and land management. It also seeks to ensure that sensitive areas, such as forests, river basins, areas of biodiversity and national parks are not allocated to individuals for the purpose of development activities. According to the policy, the President owns the land in trust for present and future generations.

The Commissioner for Lands acts on behalf of the President to administer the land. The policy recognizes two main types of tenure -customary (deemed) land rights, and granted right of occupancy. Since only these two types of tenure are recognized in the policy, forest resources in the unreserved or general land are open access resources due to unclear ownership, absence of security of tenure and formal user rights, and have thus been under constant pressure for conversion to other competing land uses. This policy is of high relevance to national REDD+ implementation as it focus on land (use, access, and allocation), tenure and forest resources.

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