Real Estate Consulting

Real Estate Consulting

Environmental Consulting

Environmental consulting spans a wide spectrum of industry. The most basic industry that environmental consulting remains prominent in is the commercial estate market.

We carry out environmental impact assessments in respect of property and various development projects such as mining, irrigation and road construction. The assessment report will include both the negative and positive impact that a proposed project may have on the environment, depending on the client’s requirements, the report may including the natural, social and economic aspects as well.

All of our work is founded on a thorough understanding of what is practical and cost effective and at all times is concerned with the environment.

Services provided by Environmental Consulting include:
• resource planning and assessment
• soil surveying and landscape mapping
• soil and water testing services
• catchment and property planning
• erosion and sediment control on infrastructure developments
• design and construction of soil and water conservation works
• groundwater mapping and salinity control
• vineyard, orchard and feedlot survey and design
• rehabilitation and vegetation of degraded and disturbed areas
• flood detention basins, drainage works and artificial wetlands
• training in conservation earthmoving, urban erosion and sediment control, access track construction and rehabilitation techniques
• coastal dune stabilisation and beach reclamation

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